Parrtjima Festival

Parrtjima is the only authentic Aboriginal light festival of its kind. This is an annual FREE festival which takes over Alice Springs with ten nights of light installations from a number Aboriginal artists, set against the majestic MacDonnell Ranges. Alongside the artworks you can enjoy a program packed full of live talks, events and music by local and national musicians. Come for the festival fun, but stay for the rich history, incredible sightseeing and an authentic, memorable experience.

Dates: 12 – 21 April 2024 | Alice Springs (Mparntwe)

Location: Alice Springs Desert Park – a 15min car ride from Aurora Alice Springs Hotel.

A free shuttle bus stops at the festival venue, around the Alice Springs CBD, and at some of the popular hotel precincts.

Theme for 2024 –


The importance of interconnectedness across First Nations culture will be the new theme for Parrtjima – A Festival in Light in 2024.

Parrtjima Curator Rhoda Roberts AO said interconnectedness was and is embedded in culture, like footprints in the red sand.

“It ensures a collective responsibility and an awareness of the bond we have with all forms of life,” she said.

Rhoda, who became Parrtjima Curator in 2017, said everything is living in Arrernte culture and in the old ways the approach was one of sharing and working together.

“Our ancestors were living under strict social structures and belief systems where everything was interrelated from the land and waterways to our sky country and seasons,” she said.

“This way of being has sustained and unified Aboriginal people for thousands of years. Everyone had a place and purpose guided by eons of storytelling, ceremony and song lines that connected the entire nation.

Rhoda said that to this day the most wonderful things still happen out of interconnectedness.

“Along with resilience that’s tinged with laughter, interconnectedness blankets the wisdom of generations.”

“At Parrtjima we are reminded by our hosts, the Arrernte people, that culture is everything to experience and absorb.”

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Parrtjima is FREE to attend. Visit the website to pre register your tickets for all details on pre-registering your tickets to guarantee your entry to this spectacular event and for further details about this years unique Festival.

Photo credit : Destination NT